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Whistling antarctic blizzard

The sound of the iceberg

Sound record of a 40m high iceberg trapped in the ice shelf. Icebergs move due to the tide and the low frequency waves coming from the open sea which propagate under the iceshelf. Those movements produce very powerful and impressive grinding noise! 

Terre Adélie, Antarctica, 3 min 15

Katabatic wind blowing in the scientific base of Dumont D'Urville. The wind was not very strong, just 120km/h, but it produced a nice whistling music. 

Terre Adélie, Antarctica, 3 min 00s

Emperor Penguin colony

Emperor penguin chiks are calling for their parents. In few weeks, the young birds will leave the colony and reach the high seas. Some adults are swimming in front of the microphone and then jump onto the ice. 

Terre Adélie, Antarctica, 4 min 11s

A moment with the Sea Lions

Sound record of Hooker's Sea Lions playing in the coves of Snares Island. One Sea Lion is swimming in the front, a second one is roaring in a remote sea cave. 

Snares Island, Indian Ocean, 1 min 51s

Westland Petrels landing

The night has fallen over the Westland Petrel colony and the petrels are coming back from their oceanic journey. The rain forest covers the colony and the birds have no other choice than let themself fall through the canopy to access to their burrows. 

Punaikaki, New Zealand, 1 min 28s

Wedell Seal pup

A Weddel Seal pup is calling his mum during a very quite afternoon on the antarctic ice floe.

Terre Adélie, Antarctica, 3 min 00s

Westland Petrel departures

An afternoon with the Bullers

Sound record of the Buller's Albatross in their colony during a sunny afternoon. The colony was settled on the face of a high cliff exposed to the vagary of the Indian ocean but during this quite day the sea only echoed a peacefull whisper.

Snares Island, Indian Ocean, 8 min 00s

4 o' clock in the morning, the Westland Petrels prepare their departure. The activity in the colony is at its climax.

Punaikaki, New Zealand 4 min 15s



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